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Always asking for more… HELP!

By August 21, 2019No Comments

Asking for help is one of the hardest parts of learning. The feeling of not fulling understanding a topic some find embarrassing while others find more frustrating. What you don’t know, you don’t know. If you don’t know how to solve a problem or form something towards your goal how can you expect to succeed?

I’ve watched many horse folks struggle and struggle until finally someone, anyone offers a few suggestions. Why are we waiting until the struggle becomes so large that you’re frustrated with yourself and your horse? To the point where some people avoid the barn all together or just sadly give up on the struggle-some topic while others fester on the problem area until them or their horse gets injured. The goal for the majority of the horse owners in the world is to have fun and enjoy their horse. Even if that is not your goal and your goal in reality is to win whatever your competition is. You still need to set yourself and your horse up for success. This starting from proper vet care, farrier care all the way up to is my horse straight to the jump or am I scaring my horse the way that I choose to put his halter?

If you horse isn’t healthy or sound for you or its intended job- ask for help. (That’s a vet and farrier) You will get an answer to this question. If your horse doesn’t like to be mounted or walks down the centerline wonky- ask for help. (That’s a vet, body worker, saddle fitter) You will get an answer to your question. If your horse wont load, has terrible transitions or you just can’t get the concept of a posting diagonal- Ask for help. (That’s a trainer) You will get an answer to your question. There are Equine professionals for anything and everything you can imagine! They are a professionals for a reason… They specialize in the problem or question you have! Ask for their help. Sure, not everyone meshes with every vet, trainer, etc. If it doesn’t mesh for you, ask another professional in the same field. There are professionals in every country, every state, every county, and some places multiple in the same town! Ask for help. You will learn from your experience and solve your ‘problem’.

So, You asked the trainer in the barn you ride at for help with posting. After that lesson and two weeks of riding almost everyday you’ve mastered the correct diagonal AND how to change it. You can do it now without even looking. Yes!! Now, you see other riders doing that thing where their butt looks like its glued to the saddle. What is that? You try to glue your butt to your saddle. You flop around and almost fall off! You try again the next day, your horse starts going really fast! That’s frightening… Next day you bounce, bounce, bounce, your horse is not happy. You ask the trainer for another lesson. After the lesson and two weeks of riding, you have developed a far less sloppy sitting trot AND can post on the correct diagonal. Yes, YES!! You continue to ask the trainer for help and now have a standing once weekly lesson with them. There is always something new to learn and work on after every lesson. Riding becomes so fun for you and your horse!! You as for help, you learn, you practice, checked off the list now you can learn more.

This is a very silly example because the majority of boarding and training barns frown upon purchasing or leasing a horse and riding on your own without knowing basic horsemanship skills. Generally, most won’t put you on a horse and allow you to ride without knowing how to sit or post a trot. Per Safety of everyone involved… My point though; is riding or anything horse related is and should be continual. There will always be a challenge and one that you or your horse don’t fully understand- Ask for help. Whether you’re just starting with horses, a seasoned horseperson, a professional- asking for help is not embarrassing. It is how you learn! GO ASK FOR HELP AND LEARN